Year End 2013 – Newsletter

Tax planning items that might be of interest to you.

Below are a few tax planning items that may be of interest to you…

State of Arizona Individual Charitable Contribution Credits – The state of Arizona offers a dollar for dollar reduction of your State Income tax with the following credits:

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Fall 2013 – Newsletter


Affordable Care Act Insurance Marketplace

Effective October 1, 2013, all businesses that  have $500,000 in annual revenue and one or more employees (full or part time status) are required to give written notice to every employee about the Affordable Care Act’s health-care exchanges.  An employer who fails to give the required notice to all employees will be subject to a $100-per-day fine.  Employers can send the notices by mail or electronically.


Summer 2013 – Newsletter

Start Planning Now

for next year’s Tax Return Preparation

Now that the April 15th tax deadline has passed and most taxpayer have filed their returns, they can start now to get organized and plan ahead to save time and money in 2014. Here are a few ideas:

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Tax Alert 2013

Fiscal cliff reached! How will this effect you?

The American Taxpayer Relief Act was passed by the Senate in the early hours of Tuesday and was passed by the House of Representatives on late Tuesday evening.  At this time the bill has been forwarded to the President for signature.
We have summarized items below that may be of interest to you, for a more detailed explanation please see an article from the Journal of Accountancy:

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