Year End 2012 – Newsletter

Below are a few tax items that may be of interest to you…
State of Arizona Individual Charitable Contribution Credits – The state of Arizona offers a dollar for dollar reduction of your State Income tax with the following credits: Private School Tuition Organization (Maximum $1,006 Married Filing Joint (MFJ), $503 Single), Public School (Maximum $400 MFJ, $200 Single), Assistance to the Working Poor (Maximum $400 MFJ, $200 Single), and Arizona Military Family Relief Fund (Maximum $400 MFJ, $200 Single).  NEW FOR 2012 is the Overflow/Plus Tax Credit.  If you contribute the maximum for the Original Private School Tuition Credit, you are eligible for an additional $1,000 MFJ ($500 single) credit with the new Overflow/Plus Tax Credit.

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Summer 2012 – Newsletter

Maricopa County Real Estate Taxes

The Arizona Legislature recently passed a law which requires all residential real property currently identified as owner-occupied to be reclassified as either primary or non-primary residence.  This re-classification will be applied to the owner’s 2012 property tax bill.  The County has recently reviewed their assessment rolls and is mailing questionnaires to those real estate property owners that have more than one owner-occupied property on the rolls.  The new law allows only one (1) residential property to qualify as a primary residence, unless a qualifying relative resides in the property.   If you receive one of these questionnaires or have more questions regarding this new law, please give us a call.

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Spring 2012 – Newsletter

We’re Here All Year!

Many clients see their CPAs at tax time, when the main focus is on completing and filing their tax return.  As a result, they may not take the opportunity to ask questions about long-term tax planning or about other important financial concerns. The good news is that we are available to you all year. We have a fulltime, year-round staff of experts with extensive expertise in a broad range of financial areas. We’re ready when you are to take some time reviewing your financial situation, helping you understand your options and make the best decisions. We’re also here in an emergency to help address unexpected financial concerns. So, give us a call to discuss your important financial issues whenever they arise.


The Results Are In

It is with much appreciation and excitement to tell you our firm has taken THIRD PLACE in the Ranking Arizona Poll 2012 for Small Accounting Firms!!  This is up one place from 2011.  We could not have achieved this without your help.  We appreciate your votes!!  We are humbled by this and look forward to serving you!