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Let’s face it…

Not all business owners are number crunchers. Many shun daily attention to the P&L, preferring instead to practice their craft. They focus their time on what led them into their own business to start with – their passion for selling real estate, building houses, running a restaurant, providing healthcare to the sick or a thousand other worthwhile vocations.

These business owners know the numbers are important, but tracking them is not at the top of their list.  That’s why they are often surprised at the end of the quarter to learn that expenses were higher than what they expected, and profits are down. “I’ve been working so hard,” they say. “I thought it would have been better. Now, cash is tight, and I need more business.”

Helping Small Business

At Pescatore Cooper PLC, we understand the challenges small business owners face every day. We know they are pulled in many directions and must wear many hats – from Chief Executive to head of marketing to delivery person. That’s why we have built our practice around providing professional tax, estate and financial accounting services specifically aimed at helping small to medium-sized businesses.

Pescatore Cooper, PLC is your one-stop source for all your tax and financial accounting needs, including:

  • Tax Preparation and Consulting
  • Business and Management Consulting
  • Estate and Trust Consulting
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Accounting Analysis

When you work with Pescatore Cooper PLC, you quickly realize you have entered a world where customer service is paramount. When you call, you will speak to a live person, not a recording.  We strive to respond to inquiries within 24 hours. You will find we are available and ready to discuss your tax and accounting needs or concerns.

Initial Consultation

We would welcome the opportunity to arrange an initial consultation for individuals or business owners. Call us today at 480.994.4148 and ask for Tony Pescatore or Rachel Cooper regarding our tax and financial accounting services.


Pescatore Cooper, PLC

I think Rachel and Tony are great. Every contact I have with each of them or anyone associated with the firm has been a positive experience. You have been knowledgeable, responsive, and professional.


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